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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services( AWS)  is the market leader among Cloud computing service providers despite the presence of strong competitors in the market. AWS can help all kinds of businesses to migrate their operations to the Cloud. AWS by Amazon.com offers web-based remote computing services to build a cloud computing platform.  Amazon provides web services for computing, databases, storage, networking, analytics, application, deployment , support and management  that helps organizations grow faster, reduce  IT costs, and scale applications. 

The experts at VAM Systems possess the knowledge and skill to bring the services offered by Amazon.com to you to help you build the best IT infrastructure for your business.

Why Amazon Web Services?

 Open and Flexible
 Highly Secure
 High performance
 Lower your capital expenditure
 Agile and Elastic services
 Reduce Deployment time

AWS has proved itself as one of the best providers of Cloud Services. However, migrating to the Cloud requires deep knowledge about technology, services, features and functionalities of the Cloud environment. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful while choosing the vendor of AWS Experts at VAM Systems will guide you through subscribing to the best mix of AWS services and also support you in implementing them in your organization. You can be assured of a seamless entry to the world of Cloud technology with VAM Systems.

 VAM Systems’ Amazon Web Services 

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration.
 AWS Performance Monitoring.
 AWS Cloud Consulting Services.
 Amazon Cloud Migration Services. 
 Amazon Managed Cloud Services.
 Develop Applications on AWS.
 Managed Services for AWS.
 AWS Hosting services.
 AWS Transformation services.

VAM Systems managed AWS  adds best-practice architecture, deep monitoring, proactive management and superior support to your AWS infrastructure. We combine the functionality and simplicity of Amazon Web Services platform with VAM Systems experience and track record in offering Cloud services. 

Why VAM Systems?  

• Easily migrate to AWS.
• Expert team for designing, implementing and managing AWS.
• Safety and Security of your data.
• Performance monitoring.
• Only pay for what you use.
• 24/7 customer support.

The team at VAM Systems has relevant industry experience in assisting businesses gain from Amazon Web Services platform. From determining the need to move to Amazon Web Services, to developing, deploying and managing complex AWS needs, we provide reliable solutions for AWS.If you would love to know more about Amazon Web Services offered by us, please feel free to drop in an enquiry or just give us a call.