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Big Data (Hadoop) Solutions

The amount of data handled by any business is enormous & this can grow tremendously in the near future. Businesses have to deal with data from various sources like Social media, digital media, conventional media, logistics & supply chain, location data and so on.  Handling such massive volume of data and making sense of it is very important for success of any business. Thus, the idea of Big Data, evolved.Prediction of future of your business can be made by sorting and analyzing Big Data. Since, 80% of this data is unstructured, it must be structured & formatted to make it suitable for data mining and analysis.Hadoop is a platform for structuring Big Data, and makes it useful for analytics purposes. Hadoop is critical for any business handling Big Data. The features of Hadoop like data distribution, faster processing etc. makes it the best option for storing and processing Big Data. However, Hadoop is best suited for large files and not large quantities of small files.

Why Big Data(Hadoop) 

  Hadoop has the capability to handle huge data and also to process them fast. Hadoop uses a number of nodes for storing data & distributed computing.
  Hadoop is an open-source platform & uses commodity hardware. This makes it very affordable & facilitates archiving of data.
  Hadoop platform  is easily Scalable & the processing power can be increased with addition of nodes to the existing system. 
  Hadoop facilitates storage of all types of data like structured, unstructured as well as semi-structured data. So,  you need not pre-process the data & you can utilize the data the way you want at a later stage.
  Inbuilt protection of your data with safeguard against any hardware failure. If any node fails then the other nodes ensure that the process does not fail with use of distributed computing.   
  Hadoop acts as a Data warehouse storing huge amount of data. This helps in getting quality insights into the data through advanced analytics, reporting etc. This in turn will grab new opportunities for your business.
  Hadoop is a Data storage platform and it stores  data in its native form until we need it. Business analytics and data mining tools are used to retrieve the cluster of data required.  
  Big Data Analytics provides a business with capabilities to uncover valuable opportunities to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

Our Big Data Services 

1. Big Data Consulting

We provide consulting services for handling Big Data. We can implement Big Data solutions for your organization after in-depth study of your business. We can also help you efficiently migrate within reasonable time & price.

2. Data Migration and Integration

Codeless Data integration is used to transfer your data to Big Data platform and also enable Data governance.  Unified view of all information on Hadoop & access your data whenever you require. 

3. Data Query & Exploration

Big SQL provides features like simplicity, safety & performance of data on the Hadoop platform. Big SQL provides single point of access and view across all data. Query enables you to access all types of data whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured. BigSheets, spreadsheet style tool helps you to collect and analyze data with graphs, charts etc and prepare Reports for your business.

4. Analytics Solutions

Big Data Analytics solutions help you analyze business data to gauge performance of your business. Advanced analytics can analyze huge volumes of data and derive knowledge to help you make smart business decisions. 

5. Integration of all types of Data

Integrate structured, semi-structured & unstructured data to access information that is valuable to make smart business decisions.

6. Administration & Monitoring Services

Administration & monitoring services can evaluate performance of your Big Data platform. We can optimize performance of your platform without compromising on security. 

Why VAM Systems’  Big Data Services
• Guaranteed uptime - Safeguard data even if nodes fail
• Reduce hardware costs and deliver maximum computing power
• Maximize performance with parallel processing
• Sync resources with high speed data access from any location
• Full support for Database configuration, HBase
• Monitor your resources & servers from single location
• An efficient team to help you succeed
• Big Data services at reasonable prices

Looking to know more about our Big Data Solutions? Please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us.