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Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform mobile apps are apps that are compatible with and can run on any mobile platform. As market demands and user needs are growing, you need to make sure you are available everywhere at the right time. Cross-Platform applications help your business to be available in the right market at the right time.

Various platforms are available for developing Cross-Platform apps. However, PhoneGap is the most sought after framework for building hybrid apps as it is open-source. PhoneGap framework can help build mobile apps that will work in various platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Why Cross-Platform apps development?

• Cross Platform apps can run on devices operating in various mobile platforms
• One- time investment to build hybrid apps - reduced cost & economical for small businesses
• Uniformity in features, functions and looks across mobile platforms – helps in branding
• Reduce time invested in mobile apps development & get noticed everywhere in no time
• Write a single code and customize it to suit different platforms with small changes in them
• Reach your audience through multiple platforms
• The frameworks available to develop hybrid apps are simple for developers to understand
• Integration with cloud services makes this platform competent with native application building platforms

Cross-Platform apps need to be carefully designed and developed because they are intended for use in multiple platforms. Every update in version of the platform also requires an update to be made in your app, as well. So maintenance is a huge task in itself. So when a feasibility study is done, first you need to evaluate whether this app is to be developed as a cross-platform app in the first place.

VAM System’s Cross Platform Development services

• Business application development
• Custom application development
• Multimedia application development
• M-commerce application development
• Education& e-Learning apps
• Social media application development
• Social media integration
• Enterprise application development

Usually these hybrid apps serve purposes/business like shopping, m-commerce, learning, catalogue, search apps, etc. However, apps that involve high graphics like games are not recommended to be developed using this framework.

The developers at VAM Systems will help you build hybrid apps using the PhoneGap platform. Cross-Platform apps development by using PhoneGap just requires the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, making an app using PhoneGap is simple.

Why VAM Systems?

• Use of open-source tools and technologies to deliver optimal user experience
• Dedicated team to assist you at every phase
• Expertise in Cross-Platform apps development
• Testing methodologies to ensure that apps perform best in every platform
• Efficient troubleshooting and debugging techniques
• Well-designed UI that gives edge to your apps
• On-time delivery of your app
• Deployment and marketing in various app stores
• Effective communication 24/7 with development team
• Continuous improvement to meet your needs while keeping updated about current trends in Industry

At VAM Systems, we help you to choose the best way to build the mobile app using best tools and technologies.Are you eager to know more about our Cross Platform Application Development services? Please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us.