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Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing establishes a direct 2-way communication between prospective customers and your business.  Our Digital interactive Marketing Strategy involves delivering services for increasing presence of your business, promote brands and showcase your products and services, online.

Why Digital Marketing? 
1. Build your reach: Digital marketing helps your business perform better in Search Engines, Social Media, Paid ads, Blogs, email campaigns etc.  These services help you to reach out to your customers, when & where they require these services. If your prospective customer does not find you online, they will instead find your competitors.
2. Cost-effective method: Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective method for marketing any business. Web analytics helps you to accurately analyze and measure Digital marketing activities. 
3. Customer Acquisition: Digital marketing is the best Customer acquisition technique. People are continuously researching for products & services online to make their lives better.  Thus, Digital Marketing is a valuable way for attracting and retaining potential customers.
4. Measurable and real-time:  Analyze and measure your marketing campaign in real-time to know what works & what not works for your business.  You can get insights and inputs from various Web analytics tools on real-time basis.
5. Refine and tailor-made strategy:  Digital marketing enables you to refine and tailor your marketing strategy and identify better ways to meet goals of your business.  Marketing online enables you to refine your strategy at any point of time and look for improvement or opportunity for further refinement.
6. Brand your business:  A creative & well-designed website with great content adds more value to your business and will generate marketing leads for you.  Similarly, an active Social media channel and a personalized email campaign can also add value to your business and build your brand. 
7. Market coverage:  An online marketing campaign can take your products & services to the  global market at almost no or affordable prices. 
8. Go viral: Plan and build a creative and attractive marketing campaign online. You can see your online campaign go viral across global digital markets and channels. The only precaution you need to take is that bad news travels much faster than positive ones.
9. Facility for receiving opt-in emails:  Most people hate obtrusive emails in their Inbox. However, Permission marketing provides you with the option to opt-out of marketing emails.
10. Engage with your users:  Digital marketing helps you to engage with your customers more effectively, personally & then start a marketing conversation.
Our Digital Marketing Services
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We will optimize your website to make them rank in the first page of Search Engines and gain more traffic from your competitors for important keywords. Search Engine traffic is more important as it is found that people access a Search Engine when they want to buy something. We will help you gain quality traffic from Search engines. VAM Systems is a top SEO services provider in the market.
• Social Media Marketing (SMM): VAM Systems helps you to brand yourself via various Social media channels especially Facebook & connect your business with the global audience on a one-to-one basis. With our Social Media marketing solutions you can share your thoughts, products, ideas etc and engage with your audience directly.
• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: If you have Budget to spend, PPC Advertising is the best way to gain traffic & sell your products & services online. The cost incurred for this kind of Advertising is reasonable when compared to the profits you may gain. VAM systems will help you plan, strategize & implement to get the best out of your PPC campaigns.PPC Advertising is sometimes referred as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
• Content marketing: Effective content online captures the attention of people and Search engines a like as “Content is still the King”. The experienced Content marketing team at VAM Systems will create content that is fresh, unique & based on your business requirements through Case Studies, White Papers, Blogging, Press Releases & Web Content.
• Online reputation Management: Maintaining a positive Online reputation is critical to achieve your business goals. Our Online reputation management team will ensure a positive presence for your business in Search engines. We will mobilize a massive effort to achieve a positive reputation for your business online. We can even help overcome negative content about your product or services in Search Engines, Blogs or other Websites. We can help you define specific key performance indicators, find a web analytics tool most suited for your Website and customize it. VAM Systems team is obliged to provide you with reports and provide valuable insights to help your business perform better.Marketing in the Digital age requires a different set of skills & we are proud to state that our team have it.
Why VAM Systems?
• Free SEO review and report for your website.
• Get higher Rankings for your website in Search Engines for your target keywords.
• Get prominent presence in Social Media : Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc.,
• The Digital marketing team at VAM Systems understands every pulse of the Digital Market.
• Our services provide you with better customer experience with simple tools to address multi-channel marketing campaigns.
• Go global - Customized solutions for businesses with marketing options that are not restricted to any geographic boundary.
• Secure services - Privacy & security for your content.
• Target the right audience and customize your communication process.
• Increase visibility of your business, get quality leads and improve customer engagement.
• Launch and manage Creative and interactive marketing campaigns.
• Analytical reports to help you understand your Marketing needs.
• Team of experienced Search Engine Marketing & Digital marketing Experts.
Looking to know more about our performance-based Digital Marketing Services? Please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us.