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Information Asset Security Solutions

Information is the most valuable and vulnerable asset for any company. Setting up a firewall,installing antivirus software, setting up of password, installing anti-spyware etc.  are some measures you can take to secure information. However, this may actually lead to an increase in vulnerability to attacks in case of any faulty setup.Computer, software, databases, files, applications, systems software, and computer networks are all part of Information Technology (IT) assets. Your company is dependent upon IT and it is impossible to function without it. So, any temporary or permanent loss to any IT asset can have tremendous impact on performance of your company.To prevent any loss of information an Information Asset Security plan should be in place in your company.  If you do not prepare and plan for the same, you could be out of business soon.

Why Information Asset Security Solutions?

• 24/7 protection of IT Assets
• Improved Security
• Control over hardware, software and data behind firewall
• Safeguard information anytime, anywhere
• Control data flow and data storage
• Content sharing made simple
• Define access permissions for your data
• Authenticated protection for Server keys
• Data over private IP connection is encrypted 

Our Information Asset Security Solutions

1. Identity & Access Management

An effective Identity and Access Management solution takes advantage of technology while safeguarding your information from prying eyes and meeting regulatory requirements.

2. Email Protection

An Email Protection solution makes sure that information is delivered securely to the right people. These solutions will prevent inappropriate and misleading content entering your network. 

3. IT Security Assurance

Identification and management of security risks associated with applications, networks, mobile devices and environment enables you to address emerging threats, while complying with legal and industry standards.  Our IT Security Assurance solution is the answer for all your woes.

4. Data Security

Date protection in this age is challenging and requires skilled professionals to deploy end to end data security. We need to identify compromised users, prevent information leakage and strike a balance between information protection and legitimate access. 

5. Managed Firewall 

Our firewall management and monitoring solution protects  key information assets. Our Managed Firewall Service provides practical, real-time firewall monitoring, giving your business round the clock protection. 

Why VAM Systems?

• Protect your business information at affordable prices.
• Secure remote access to improve productivity and better utilization of resources. 
• Quickly activate or deactivate remote access employees.
• Supplement existing data security practices.
• Simplify security of your IT assets.
• Choose a solution based on your need
• 24/7 Technical Support

Secure your business with our Information Asset Security Solutions. Drop in an enquiry or call us to know more about our solutions.