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Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Cloud services provide a superior Quality of Service(QoS) while addressing the security & reliability concerns of your business.  As technology is advancing rapidly, the IT infrastructure that helped in running your business in the past is getting replaced by Cloud infrastructure.  VAM Systems intends to harness this opportunity and provide you with the best of Infrastructure and  Cloud Services to go global. 

VAM Systems helps you right from planning, establishing and managing a Cloud infrastructure using your choice of innovative Cloud services – private, public or hybrid. We take pride in offering  services and technologies, that are provided by the pioneers in the Cloud industry.

Why Infrastructure & Cloud Services?

• Reduced Infrastructure costs - Plan your investment smartly for now and for the future. 
• Pay-As-You-Use models to control and reduce your expenses.
• Consistent performance and increased productivity even at times of peak loads.
• Agility and speed for value creation.
• Easy to maintain and configure.
• High data Security.
• High storage capacity. 
• Scalability – scale storage capacity as and when needed.
• High Information security with Private Cloud.
• Reliable services with efficient disaster recovery systems.

Cloud computing is growing rapidly as a powerful offering for all organizations. With emerging echnology, the Cloud has the potential to change the way  businesses are run now. We at VAM Systems, offer you comprehensive business solutions to help you utilize the benefits of Cloud Services. 

 VAM Systems’ Infrastructure & Cloud Services

• Cloud Assessment services
• Cloud Consulting Services
• Enterprise Cloud Strategy Development
• Cloud Implementation Services
• Cloud Integration Services
• Cloud Application Migration Services
• Cloud Deployment Services
• Cloud Migration Services

Each business is unique and so are their business needs. The experts at VAM Systems help you choose the right Cloud Solution for your organization based on your business requirements. In a nutshell, we customize  the  best possible solution for you  that is both affordable and on par with the latest technologies.

 Why VAM Systems? 

 Expert team to assist you 
 Safety and security measures to safeguard your data
 Partnerships with leading providers of Cloud Technology and Infrastructure
 We make Cloud migration/implementation simple
 Scaling up/down Storage capacity made simple
 Efficient disaster recovery measures
• 24/7  Customer support

 In this era of high performance in less time, we will ensure that you keep ahead in terms of latest 
technology for strategic growth of your business.VAM Systems is obliged to provide you wide range 
of services to help you choose the right option for your business. Please feel free to drop in an enquiry or call us to find out more about our Infrastructure and Cloud Services.