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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an open cloud platform which provides infinite computing power to small and large sized businesses. Microsoft Azure offers immense value for your business that allows you to serve more customers without increasing your IT infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud service that provides on-demand computing and storage resources.Microsoft Azure enables you to build, deploy and manage applications and services through a grid of Data Centres located around the world and managed by Microsoft. Microsoft Azure is ideal for hosting  collaboration systems, executing large data applications, and migrating applications and information from other Data Centers.

Why Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

      • Seamlessly distribute data & applications across the globe
       Integration of Cloud, on-premises data and apps
       Easy scalability of resources
       Pay only for what you use
       Experience enhanced value and performance of solutions
       Access your data anytime, anywhere
       Improved productivity, cost-effective processes and better information flow

VAM Systems’ Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

        Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services.
        Microsoft CRM Dynamics Online Services.
        Microsoft Azure Compute Services – Enhanced processing capabilities for building great apps.
        Microsoft Azure Storage – Structured data storage that is cost-effective and reliable.
        SQL Azure – Relational database services based on the SQL server located in the cloud.
        Microsoft AppFabric – Cloud based middleware technologies to deploy, manage and monitor workflows and services..
        Microsoft Azure Marketplace – An online service for buying and selling cloud based data and 

Why VAM Systems?

         VAM Systems was an early adopter of Azure technology.
         Skills to leverage specific features to solve business challenges with less costs.
         Manage transition to the Cloud.
         Customize existing Cloud solutions.
        • Experts in developing customized apps.
         Migrate existing applications to the Cloud.
         Harness the flexibility, scalability and complete power of Microsoft Azure.
         Enable your business to leverage Azure Cloud benefits.

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