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On-premises Security Solutions

Security is something organizations would like to keep in-house rather than turn over confidential data to any external provider. Some security solutions like email security can be entrusted to an external provider, while other security solutions like network security is best handled on-premises. 
 Network security tools such as firewalls & and next generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) will remain on-premise as organizations need to control the flow of data and its storage as well. Our on- premise solutions provide the best protection to your IT Infrastructure. 
The total cost of ownership (TCO) of utilizing an on-premise solution is less than other available options. It is to be noted that on-premise security tools offer a better level of security and control. Businesses have more control over their data with better threat protection if they utilize on-premise solutions. 

Why On-premises Security Solutions?
• Total protection of your IT infrastructure
• Integrating with existing IT infrastructure made easy.
• Total control over your systems, both hardware & software and data behind your own firewall.
• Safeguard your information anytime, anywhere.
• Reliable security services that free your organization from depending on third-party security.
• Control the data flow and data storage efficiently.
• Content/information sharing made secure.
• Define the access permissions for your data.
• Authenticated protection for your server keys.
• Data over private IP connection are encrypted to provide enhanced security.
• 24*7 protection
• Integrating with other services
• Improved security; Peace of mind
• Stability Safeguard your network from attacks, protect your private data & customer data, and facilitate secure & seamless communications inside your company and remote users with on-premises Security solutions. Our Premises-Based Security solutions use the latest security technology to provide managed security services.
 Our On-premises Security Solutions 
VAM Systems On-premises Security Solutions are reasonably priced, easy to implement and ideal for businesses requiring security for their data & network. 
1. Identity & Access Management Solutions We provide Identity & Access management solutions that secures your Password Management & Access Governance. 
2. IP Gateway solutions We offer Security solutions like firewalling, scanning of content and remote/mobile connectivity features. IP Gateway allows you to access Internet Gateway, Extranet Gateways and other add-on services. VAM Systems provide necessary support to access required infrastructure with required Security. 
3. Data Security Solutions We have skilled professionals who can conceptualize and deploy end to end data security solutions. 
4. Email Security Solutions The consequences of an attack on your Email Infrastructure range from a loss of crucial data, data theft, hard drive damages, malicious content entering your network. Etc. VAM Systems Email Protection is a fully-fledged & managed solution, which ensures information is delivered securely to the right people. 
5. Cyber Security Solutions Creating a secure IT Infrastructure with innovative solutions is our future goal. We provide your business with accurate, real-time data and secure your network. We help businesses to take a practical approach to ensure that they reside secure in cyber space and implement a healthy cyber security strategy. 
6. Managed Firewall Solutions Firewall management and monitoring solution protects key IT assets. Our Managed Firewall Service provides real-time firewall monitoring for a monthly cost.
 Why VAM systems ?
• Secure your vital business content & information.
• Secure remote access to improve productivity and better utilization of your resources.
• Supports complex single sign-on architectures.
• Quickly activate or deactivate remote access employees.
• Supplement existing data security practices.
• Complete Security of your IT assets.
• Reduce Total cost of ownership (TCO) with cost-effective security.
• Experts support for effective, round the clock network and security management.
• 24*7 customer support
Looking to know more about our On-premises Security Solutions? Please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us.