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Window Phone 8 Apps Development

potential within a short period of time. The user-interface in Windows Phone devices has captured the hearts of millions around the world. With Windows Phone 8, the porting of apps between Windows Phone and Windows 8 has become relatively easy as Microsoft has used common runtime for both platforms.

With release of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone is storming ahead with features that rival Android and iOS platforms.  We at VAM Systems are well-versed in all areas of Windows Phone 8.1 application development and have complete understanding about the significance of using Windows Phone for business growth.

Why Windows Apps Development? 

 Rapidly growing popularity of Windows Phone Devices

 Simplicity of use of Windows Phone
 Similarity with iOS platform which has led to implementation of most iPhone functions in Windows Phone
 Portability of apps and drivers between Smartphone, PC  and  tablet devices
 Source code reusability in Windows Phone and PC
 User-friendly interface makes Windows Phone a favourite
 Support from Microsoft with fast growing apps store
 Integration of Cloud services made easy
 Metro style that has impressed the global market
 Easy to develop high performance apps

Windows Phone has been able to grab the attention of Smartphone users. Exciting features provided in this platform helps develops  apps for a variety of users.

Our Windows Mobile Apps Development services:

 E-learning Application Development

 Product Catalogue Application Development
 Business Application Development
 Enterprise Application Development
 Social Networking, Social Media Application Development
 Porting of iOS or Android Apps to Windows Phone
 Windows Multimedia Applications
 Internet Application Development
 Navigation and GPS Application Development
 Communication Application Development
 Utilities Application Development

VAM systems create quality apps using features, utilities and facilities provided by the Windows Phone 8 platform. These apps will help you in building your brand as well as reputation and widen your reach among targeted audience.

Why VAM Systems?

 Feasibility study and analysis to evaluate your app idea

 Develop the strategy to build apps  that suits your business
 Creative UI Designers
 Transparent and Modular development process
 Make robust and scalable apps
 Team of Windows Phone Developers with experience  in .Net Compact Framework, C++, Windows Mobile 2003 and 6.0, Visual Studio, Windows mobile SDK, and Pocket PC 2003
 Rigorous QA testing, including end-user beta testing
 On-time delivery of apps
 24/7 Technical support

Windows Phone is penetrating deep into the market at a very fast rate. The more technology is advancing, the more this platform is grabbing limelight and hence getting your presence felt  in the market. This in turn will pave the way for growth of your business.

To know more about our Windows Phone Application Development services, please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us.